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Book of Mormon Seminary Reading Chart / Pacing Guide

This is the reading chart I use for assigning daily reading to my Seminary students.  I usually put Flex Days with no reading assignment on Thursday so that students don’t have to read after mutual on Wednesday night. Students come to class having read the assignment for the day, so for example, they read the assignment listed for Monday on Sunday evening.  If students miss a day, I ask them…
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Book of Mormon Reading to Lesson Correlation Chart for Home Study Seminary Students

As you know, the suggested Seminary assignments for home study Seminary students is not an easy schedule to keep.  Each day students are expected to read vastly different amounts of material, which can lead students to be frustrated that they can not allocate a given amount of time to seminary activities at home, and they may quit the program all together.  This chart is intended to help home study teachers…
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New Testament Seminary Lesson Plan / Pacing Guide with Preach My Gospel

This is a file from Linda D, a seminary teacher will nearly two decades of experience. She’s something of a legend around here in the Northern Virginia area. This is a 36-week pacing guide she made that incorporates Preach My Gospel along with the scriptures from the New Testament. It’s amazing. I don’t know for sure, but it looks like this reading chart has been loosely arranged by the order…
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