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Helaman 6-7 Holy Ghost

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2014/04/helaman-6-7-holy-ghost.html Our attitudes and actions can result in an increase OR a decrease of the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives. From this great blog post, by Russel Simon, I was able to show a fantastic visual to the class! I ask you, are you:Cup DownCup SidewaysCup UpOur position is determined by our attitudes and actions. Elder David A. Bednar said:“We should also endeavor to discern when…
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Alma 36-Chiasmus

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2014/04/alma-36-chiasmus.html I passed out a sheet of paper and had them put their name on it.Big and in the middle.Then told them to close their eyesWith their eyes closed, they had to listen to my voiceand follow my directions.I said things like, “fold your paper in half””rip off top right corner”… The holes were different in each one of their papers.WHY?My directions were not clear and precise.When the…
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Alma 32 Seeds Of Faith

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2014/03/alma-32-seeds-of-faith.html What verse in Alma 32 has the word SEED in it?  Since we talked about faith … I thought we should do an activity I did years ago when teaching Primary… After all, kids are kids, and they like to eat!  We made “Dirt Cups”. Hint: verse 28S  wellE  nlargeE  nlightenD  elicious

1 Nephi 17-18 Ship Building

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/10/1-nephi-17-18-ship-building.html I handed out pieces of paper and asked the class to make a boat, one that will float (could not draw one).I was hoping they would ask directions, but they all just forged ahead and came up with some very interesting designs! I saw one of them that knew what he was doing.  I asked him to come up and show everyone how to do it.At this…
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Nt Acts 10 Fair?

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/02/nt-acts-10-fair.html As they came into class, I had them line up and gave them each a letter grade, telling them that Bro. Baker (our CES director) needed them. Some were not pleased with how I decided their grades! Imaging that! We discussed how they thought I came up with their grades and it was unfair. I was being partial to the taller members of the class. Until Acts…
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Nt Acts 8-9

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/02/nt-acts-8-9.html Handed out one of these to each one of them. After we discussed what happened in Acts 8-9, they then quietly picked out a verse or verses that meant something to them.Then they came up to the front of the class, read the verse, explained it, told why they chose it, and how to apply it to our lives. Then they handed their stick back to me….
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Nt Acts 4-5 Gospel Rolls Forth

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/02/nt-acts-4-5-gospel-rolls-forth.html Who is Spencer W. Kimball referring to when he says:“this great church president”“man of great faith”“bold leadership”“unwavering testimony”“unparalleled courage”“almost limitless understanding” If you guessed Peter, you were correct!The priests didn’t know what to do with Peter. They wanted him to stop talking about Jesus and His gospel. Trying to silence him, they had him arrested.BUT5,000 people heard him and believed!Trying to stop the gospel from flooding the…
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Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/02/nt-resurrection.html What happens when we are resurrected?I brought in some props and  divided the class up into groups.Each group was to come up with a mini lesson on the resurrection using the props, and complete ahand out of questions taken from Matthew 28: 1-10 and Matthew 27: 53-53Then one spokesperson from each group camp up and gave the mini lesson. I love days like these. The class gets immersed in the…
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