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Wilford Woodruff Mission to England Reader’s Theater

I used this document when teaching the Establishment of Nauvoo lesson and D&C 124-127.   Both the PDF and ODT version include name tags and the text to include in the letter. —— Wilford Woodruff (speaking to himself): Whew. That’s the second sermon I have preached today. After the meeting this evening I would assume that nearly one thousand people will have heard the Lord’s message today. Clergyman (standing on the…
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Choosing the Right and Doing Good Deeds activity

Lesson O how great the plan of our God! (2 Ne. 9:13). Before you were born on earth, you lived with Heavenly Father. While you were there, an important meeting was held and Heavenly Father presented a plan that would enable you to live with him again someday. Part of the plan was that you would receive a physical body and learn to choose the right and to do good….
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