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2 Nephi 29-30, Flex Day

2 Nephi 29-30 Today I used the ideas from Teaching the Book of Mormon Part One to teach my lesson.  I loved the Fred example from the book and modified it into a comic strip form so that every kids could participate in finding a respoonse to someone who may not be interested in the BoM because they believe God has not shared any of His word anywhere besides the…
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Christ Silhouette

This is a silhouett version of the Christus Statue with some alterations for ease of printing.

DIY Mission Address Cards

This week I decided to make some simple cards you could pass out to family and friends before your mission!They are simple to make and a fun way for your loved ones to keep track of your mailing address(and a reminder to send you those much needed letters!!!) I created 4 simple designs for both sisters and elders as seen below. To finish off the cards, all you will need to do…
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Free Missionary Prints (Sister)

 I decided to create some simple 5×7 missionary quotes /sayings.They could be printed off and sent to your favorite missionary for their study area, used as a missionary handout, or printed off and framed! Feel free to print off and use by visiting belowhttp://courtneyaitken.blogspot.com/2013/08/dear-missionary-missionary-prints-elder.html 

Missionary Purpose Bookmark (English, Spanish, & French)

 In Preach My Gospel every missionary’s purpose is clearly outlined. It gives them a goal, a direction, an understanding, and fills their hearts with love for the people they are serving. I decided to create a bookmark that includes the Missionary Purpose from Preach My Gospel. I also created them in a few different languages including English, Spanish, & French.Each bookmark also includes a front and back that you can print…
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Baptism is the Key

Object Lesson

Materials needed: A lock and key for the attention activity (for example, a padlock, diary, jewelry box, or suitcase A cutout copy of a paper key with the word Covenant written on it Display a key. Ask the children what a key is used for. You might have a child use the key to open a lock. Hold the paper key so the children cannot see the word Covenant, and…
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Floating Orange

Object Lesson

You put an orange in a bucket of water with the peel on and it will. This is related to us having on the armour of God. When you peel the orange, it sinks in the water. We sink when we don’t have on the Armour of God.

National “Back to Church” Sunday

I happened to stumble on a link to this site:http://backtochurch.com/resources/statistics/ while researching a topic for the girls’ camp devotional I helped with this week. What an interesting read! The site, http//BackToChurch.com/ is promoting a Christian “Back to Church” Sunday. It lists a number of extremely interesting statistics from a variety of sources regarding church activity. I’ll share a few they mentioned below: 82% of the unchurched are at least somewhat…
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