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Mia Maid Rose Necklace

Mia Maid Rose Necklace

My daughter who is about to move up from the Beehive class to the Mia Maid class came up with this adorable necklace design.  It’s simple, classy, and easy to make.  She’s awesome! Step One: Assemble Your Materials For this project you’ll need adhesive, pliers one Mia Maid Rose Cabochon Pendant, one jewelry bail, and one jewelry cord. (The rose cabochon, jewelry bail, and jewelry cord are available in our…
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Beehive/Laurel/Mia Maid Class Presidency Orientation

Meaghann Y. shared this document that she created for her Beehive class presidencies. She says, “This is a copy of the binder that I put together for each member of my Beehive presidency. It could be easily altered for any other class presidencies as well.” It has several pages of leadership instructions and, my favorite, a clear list of presidency responsibilities. 8 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, color.

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