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Women at Christ’s Birth Skit

By: Judith Hoopes Hamilton, Hello, I’m excited to tell you that I know who wrote the program about the Women at Christ’s birth. The writer was a women named Judith Hoopes Hamilton, it was first presented on December 1, 1973, in Chandler, Arizona. Here is an introduction in her own words: I have written these stories as part of a lesson given to my sisters near Christmas time to help…
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Jesus Christ has power over death

Primary Talks

This is a story about when Jesus showed the people he had power over death. The story is found in the scriptures in Luke 10 and John 11. This is an easy-to-read version from New Testament Stories: A man named Lazarus lived in Bethany. He lived with his sisters, Mary and Martha. They loved Jesus very much. Lazarus became very sick. Jesus was teaching in another town. Mary and Martha…
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