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Book of Mormon Magic Squares – Updated for new scripture mastery passages

UPDATED WITH SOME RHYMES FROM JANICE TATE 8/19/13 It’s finally finished!  Thanks to help from Russ Mays, Natalie Hill, and my own DD, Magic Squares is updated for 2013. Here are the 2013 ryhmes we came up with: 1 Nephi 3: Prepares way for me 2 Nephi 2 – Adam fell for you 2 Nephi 2 – Free to choose 2 Nephi 9 – Be learned and wise 2 Nephi…
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Old Testament Magic Squares – Handout

Old Testament Magic Squares 2015

The original Magic Squares document by Janice Lee Griffith Tate is available at the old http://si.lds.org/ in the CES Conferences Section under Old Testament. Here’s a link: http://www.ldsces.org/old-testament/conference/ Problem is, the motions that go with the magic square are not described in the handout. I have a copy of one that a friend gave me, and I have created this handout that includes text to describe the actions. You should…
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A plan of attack for Scripture Mastery

Last year in Seminary I used the famed Magic Squares. I loved the idea of the little jingle to memorize scripture locations. My own children learned the little jingles very, very quickly, and I thought surely this was the answer to all Scripture Mastery needs. At the end of the year, I required all students to pass off the Magic Squares rhymes in order to receive credit scripture mastery for…
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