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Activity Days: In His Footsteps Tread Luau + Sock Hop

Mother-Daughter Luau + Daddy-Daughter Sock Hop This Activity Day group has had a plan for the year – to focus on feet.  “Then In His Footsteps Tread” kind of feet, that is.  This was their overall theme and they created two activities to focus on this same theme. This is a long post because it’s […]

Luau Ticket Sleeve – Inside

Think of this as a trifold ticket sleeve. The big whitespace at the top left is so that you can cut out the top and let the ticket inside show through. Dotted cut lines are marked on the inside. Has generic facts about Hawaii and instructions on pronouncing your Hawaiian name. For the wedding luau, we included only the pronunciation instructions and instead included a bio on both the bride…
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The Living Christ – Memorization Activity

Lori G’s Young Women’s class memorized “The Living Christ”. Here is her story of their experience: “Our young women and leaders took the challenge to memorize “The Living Christ” as a ward. It was an AWESOME experience and we have been asked to share our ideas many times. I have attached a copy of the [images] used to create cards for us to help with the memorization. We worked on…
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