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Levite Tabernacle Offerings Handout

Okay — the lesson for Leviticus 1 seemed pretty boring. Even really boring. And I just didn’t want to cover all that blood and such in class because I have a tendency to faint, so instead, I made this handout based on the chart in the Institute Manual pps 162-3 and the 5 points in the Seminary lesson manual. To use this, each student will need one handout (Tabernacle Offering.pdf)…
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Leviticus 10 – Priesthood

I think today we learned some stuff that got us thinking. I hope some of it stuck, especially for our young Aaronic priesthood holders. On the board I wrote “Why is it important that priesthood ordinances be performed by those who are clean inside and outside?” and “What happens if a priesthood ordinance is done incorrectly?” First we read Leviticus 10:1-2. I explained what was happening. Mentioned what the word…
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