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2012 Young Women Lesson Schedule

Here’s the 2012 Lesson schedule for YW. Please note there are three weeks during 2012 without lessons. Two of those will be your stake conferences. I have not included those on this schedule because I don’t even know my own yet :) I have included the optional Easter and Christmas lessons. You will need to alter this schedule to suit your unit calendar. You will probably choose to do either…
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2012 Relief Society and Priesthood Lesson Schedule for George Albert Smith manual

Here’s 2012 Relief Society and Priesthood Lesson Schedule for the George Albert Smith manual. I will say that I’ve outdone myself this year. It looks really great. 1/2 Sheet Just photocopy this page, cut it in half, and then glue the sheet inside your manual. In our ward, we glue these into every manual so that everyone has a copy of the schedule all year. Enjoy!

We are moving to http://NoBoringLessons.com/ where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss