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Review after break Dilemma

By Shauna Hostetler Shauna Hostetler: When we return to class in a few days, I feel like I need to do a review of where we are, scripture mastery review, and a general pep-talk to get us moving forward as a class again. At the same time, I feel like we have no time to spare as far as pacing and staying on track with the lesson schedule. Any suggestions/plans…
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Joseph Smith Review Game

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) Played a fun review game called Blockbuster. I found it on they broke up into groups and decided they wanted boys against the girls within each group. Questions were asked and then they tried to block each other on a game board. Kind of like the game “Connect Four” It had them laughing Digging into their scriptures But most of all, reinforcing what they had learned…
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Book of Mormon Review Quiz 1: Introduction to Enos

I used this review quiz to help students remember some of the things we’ve learned since the beginning of the year and so we can have a little fun during March Madness.  There are 20 questions dealing with the Title Page to the Book of Mormon plus others.  Some of these might not help you because it’s stuff we talked about in class, not things that were necessarily in the…
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Sunday School Jeopardy Review

I was asked to sub for the 12-13 year old Gospel Doctrine (Preparing for Exaltation) class this Sunday. The Sunday School president wasn’t sure which lesson the class was on, so I fell back on my old CTR jeopardy game to do a class review game. Step 1I printed the jeopardy rules Step 2Then I printed pages 3-4 of the CTR jeopardy game. Step 3Then I created the file listed…
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