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Testimony handout

Another YW leader made this cute handout to accompany YW Manual 2: Lesson 27, Strengthening your Testimony through Obedience. It is a tiny flower pot filled with candy that looks like rocks, a sun die-cut on a stick (probably a wooden skewer of some kind), with the following quote from Harold B. Lee: “The testimony you have today will not be your testimony of tomorrow. Your testimony is either going…
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This card was submitted by Becky A for use with Manual 1 Lesson 24: Prayer and Meditation It has a quote from the lesson and the scriptures to read. “Life is fragile and therefore, should be handled with prayer.” President Harold B. Lee 2 pages, should be printed front and back for a half page folding card.

Family history and temple work bless all the generations of my family

Primary Talks

Thunder clapped and lightning flashed almost constantly outside the cabin window as Louisa Bingham Lee stood kneading a large batch of bread dough on the kitchen table. Beside her was her mother, who was knitting a pair of stockings, and three of Louisa’s children were playing about the room. The Lee children were always fascinated when a powerful thunderstorm rolled through their peaceful valley in Clifton, Idaho, so Louisa propped…
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