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Quote for Young Women Training Meetings

I made this handout for a Young Women Auxiliary Training Meeting but this could also be used for a Young Women Lesson. I made it a 4×6″ size so it can easily be printed wherever you send your digital pictures. NOTE: I had the flower in a folder of artwork I had found online. It does not have any copyright restrictions to my knowledge. From CherylABQ

Must the presidency sit at the front during meetings?

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I’ve been in three Relief Society presidencies, and each group has had someone ask if they have to sit at at the front of the classroom during meetings.  In the past I’ve said it’s up to you, but today I stumbled on this article from Elder Boyd K. Packer.  He says something different: The things […]

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Fishers Of Men Leadership Training

Downloaded from: http://inkablinka.com/2014/04/fishers-of-men-leadership-training.html We had a wonderful Young Women class presidency leadership training recently. We began with discussing class presidency responsibilities (found here), and how to use an agenda (found here), then talked about being “Fishers of Men” after watching this video. We then wrote down qualities of good fishermen, and related those qualities to being good “Fishers of Men”. Some of the responses are following: patient (we can be…
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kids on fence

You’re an integral piece of our Primary! Please join us for a Primary Board meeting from 3:30-4:30pm in the Primary room next Sunday. Would you please prepare to share an experience, a question, a short vignette of a child. Let’s learn together how to strengthen our children and help them come unto Christ. Thanks for all you are and do for the children. Childcare can be arranged and there will…
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I know the Scriptures are True – Logo, Bookmarks, Binder Inserts, and Leader Handouts

These files will help Primary leaders with the new theme, I know the Scriptures are True. Files include: – Bookmarks with the monthly themes (JPG and PDF); perfect for teachers and leadership training handouts. They’d be great laminated! – Logo – designed by me! – 2011 Leadership Handout / Binder Insert – this file can be printed for each member of a Primary presidency. It could also be a handout…
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Beehive/Laurel/Mia Maid Class Presidency Orientation

Meaghann Y. shared this document that she created for her Beehive class presidencies. She says, “This is a copy of the binder that I put together for each member of my Beehive presidency. It could be easily altered for any other class presidencies as well.” It has several pages of leadership instructions and, my favorite, a clear list of presidency responsibilities. 8 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, color.

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