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How to Plan an Amazing Mutual Activity

Our ward held a combination leadership/planning meeting last Sunday before Conference.  This handout contains some of the information that we discussed during our training.  Plan an amazing mutual activity with these tips.  Your activity does not need to match all of these items, but it Purposeful Planning: Amazing Mutual Activities Ministering Who in our class needs help or support? How can we include everyone in this activity? Administering Do we have…
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Human foosball

I read about this awesome game at https://howdoesshe.com/how-to-play-human-foosball/  It sounds like it’d be so much fun for mutual!  Human foosball is a game to be played in the gym or out of doors inside of a fenced in or boxed in area.  It’s basically like kickball, but you play while holding on to a PVC pipe and only move horizontally to the goals. This is a great activity for mutual, because…
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Weekly Personal Progress Reminders

Jenny, Here are some handout things to help YW leaders to encourage their girls to work on Personal Progress weekly.  I used the suggested Personal Progress goal from the Resource Guide the church publishes on lds.org…. most lessons have a personal progress goal that will correlate with the topic but a few don’t…So if I’m missing a lesson that is why, also I started with the the lesson my ward…
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Search Ponder and Pray Key

teach the Beehives.  (I am a photographer that also teaches photoshop). I will try to upload handouts occasionally. I love the ideas on your website. I go to it every Sunday. I release all copyrights to these bookmarks for 2008 Lesson 30 or for anything to do with scripture study lessons. I design most of my own church handouts and will try to upload them occasionally. Thanks again, Karen Anderson

Don’t carry the burden of sin

Handout by Melissa P D&C 58:42 Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more Don’t carry around the heavy burden of sin… “What good does it do for God to blot out our evil from his mind if we continue to let it dominate our thinking by rerunning it on our own?” -Sterling W. Sill Burden of Sin…
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Quote for Young Women Training Meetings

I made this handout for a Young Women Auxiliary Training Meeting but this could also be used for a Young Women Lesson. I made it a 4×6″ size so it can easily be printed wherever you send your digital pictures. NOTE: I had the flower in a folder of artwork I had found online. It does not have any copyright restrictions to my knowledge. From CherylABQ

Young Women’s Activity Roll Checklist

Jenny, Attached is a YW activities Roll sheet for leaders to print to keep roll at their activites. This roll will help them track what activities help fulfill the Personal Progress girls and what girls were in attendance to fulfill that goal.  As I am very new to this YW leader calling, and I do not know very much about your website….I’m not sure what section of your website this…
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