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Simple Meals Using Only Items from the Bishop’s Storehouse

Simple Meals Using Bishop's Storehouse items.

This list of simple meals that use only items from the Bishop’s Storehouse was created and shared by Marsali Crowther. Breakfasts Pancakes/waffles, syrup Various cereals, milk Oatmeal, brown sugar, syrup, raisins Yogurt Fresh fruit Parfait (yogurt, granola, sliced fruit) Canned peaches, pears or applesauce French toast (bread, eggs, milk, cinnamon), syrup Cheese Scrambled Eggs (eggs, cheese, seasonal vegetables, ketchup or salsa) Hard boiled eggs Toast, butter, Jam or Honey Fried…
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Being Dependable by Laurel C

Laurel C shared the following : “I made these handouts for this week and last week’s lessons (lesson 40, Loving ourselves and others and 41 Being dependable) I took these pictures myself, so there is no copyright issues. Thanks so much for your website.” The images have the quotes “Let us not be nearly dependable but always dependable” and “Loving yourself is being able to look past the flaws and…
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Preparedness Documents in Spanish and English

Lorraine H shared a number of preparedness documents with me that are in both English and Spanish.  There’s a list of items to keep in an emergency binder and some cards to include with dry milk.  There’s also an emergency list for students. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS BINDER *KEEP ORIGINALS IN A PLACE OTHER THAN IN THE HOME LIKE A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX GIVE COPIES OF THESE DOCUMENTS TO A FAMILY MEMBER…
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Cheap Dating Relief Society Activity with game

Kristina M shared: “I recently was asked to teach an enrichment on “cheap dates.”    Everyone’s ideas of “cheap” dates are different but there are a lot (over 120) date ideas that we came up with.  I put it on a Excel Document, and each tab (at the bottom) is different. “I give a basic explanation on the first tab.  But basically I copied on to 3 different color papers for…
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Visiting Teaching Conference: Little Red Hen

My sister shared the following information from a successful visiting teaching conference she was a part of.  I’m posting the outline flyer, and skit based on the story The Little Red Hen. We had a VT Conference during church today.  I thought you might want to put this on your website.  Everything is electronic.  We did the skit (attached), which was printed out in color.  Each person held a sign…
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Lip Sync Battle Ideas

Check out these fantastic tips from LDS leaders on how to plan a lip sync battle! Set up Here is how one unit set up a “stage”.  It looks like they used plastic tablecloths from the dollar store and pinned them to a chalkboard in a classroom. Awards Look at these cute microphone awards made from tinfoil and spray painted paper towel holders!  Awards are for Entertainer of the Night,…
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#Hallelujah 3×4-inch Pocket Scrapbooking Cards from Persnickety Prints [Free Download]

I work closely with my friend, Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper, and love how she inspires everyone to record their memories. No matter if you are a seasoned scrapbooker (digital or paper) or just a grandma… More

#Hallelujah Inspiring Easter Decor from Paging Supermom [Free Downloads]

Looking for some quick and easy but inspiring Easter home decor? Look no more. I’ve got some elegant Easter printables from Paging Supermom in this post. This is the seventh post in my #hallelujah series… More

#Hallelujah Easter Week Advent Activities from Sugar Bee Crafts [Free Download]

Thank you for the wonderful feedback about this amazing series of #hallelujah Easter projects, printables and inspiration! I have even more goodness to share with you and am excited to present the seventh post in my… More

#Hallelujah Easter Videos & Updated Easter Thoughts & Inspiration Booklet

Have you seen the just-released #hallelujah videos yet? The LDS Church posted this special Easter content yesterday, March 13, 2016. Included in this inspiring media campaign are three videos (including an amazing virtual Hallelujah chorus… More

Focus on Your Innergram [Posters]

This is the fifth post in my series featuring the Focus on Your Innergram theme and I will be sharing some posters with you–perfect for decorating or promoting your event.  All of the projects in this series offer the option to use the 2014 … Continue reading Focus on Your Innergram [Posters]

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