Cub Scout Adventure Pocket Certificate to be given out at Pack Meeting to recognize completed adventures

The new Cub Scout program contains a series of “adventures” which Cub Scouts (individually and as part of their den) will experience while working on their badge of rank. Once a Cub Scout has completed the six core adventures—including one on “Duty to God” and one of his den’s choosing—he will have earned his badge of rank. 

This pocket certificate is given to a Cub Scout in recognition of his completion of an “adventure.” 

There are spaces on the card to enter the Scout’s name, adventure completed, pack number, date he earned it, Den Leader and Cubmaster signatures. Use this to recognize the Cub Scouts during your monthly pack meeting.

This prints 8 pocket certificates, per page.  These “portrait” cards work well when the boys are saving their cards in the baseball card plastic holders.  Then they are facing the right way as boys look through their card collection.

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Lots of Cub Scout Advancement Ceremonies… Fearless Fun!

I use this in place of the bridge, ‘ cause sometimes that bridge is too heavy for me to lift by myself

A big thank you to Cindy Gagon in the Utah National Parks Council for donating a lot of Advancement Ceremonies she uses as Cubmaster in her Pack.

Some of the ceremonies you will find in her document are:
  • New Cub Scout Family Induction Ceremony
  • This is Cub Scouting-Induction Ceremony
  • Key to Cub Scouting for Bobcats
  • This Badge of Red-Wolf Advancement Ceremony
  • Bear Claw Ceremony
  • Roundtable Advancement Ceremony 
  • Jungle Safari Advancement Ceremony
  • Top of the Mountain Advancement Ceremony
  • Airplane Advancement Ceremony
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame Advancement Ceremony
  • Let the Compass Guide You Advancement Ceremony
  • Great Pyramid of Scouting Advancement Ceremony
  • Cookin’Up a Storm Advancement Ceremony
  • Baloo Skies Advancement Ceremony
  • Bug Hunter Advancement Ceremony
  • Rocket Advancement
  • Arrow of Light Ceremony
  • Rope Crossover Ceremony

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