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Small and Simple Journal

By Kristin I’m just re-sharing this post that was spotlighted during Sugardoodle’s recent relaunch. I hope it’s helpful for someone out there! I’ve created a “Small and Simple Journal” printable to share with you. We have been counseled in the Church to have daily prayer, daily scripture study and weekly Family Home Evenings many many times. These are fairly simple things to do, yet many of us struggle to do…
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M&Ms – Make Some Memories

This handout was submitted by Melissa B, who used it with Manual 1 Lesson 19. The handout uses ‘m’s shaped like the one on a package of M&Ms with the following text: “make some memories today! Keep a Book of Remembrance or a Time-Capsule full of memories Don’t forget to write in your Journal!!” Melissa included the quote with a package of M&M Minis — the ones that come in…
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Howard W Hunter was Obedient Lesson and Activity

By the obedience of one [man] shall many be made righteous (Rom. 5:19). Being obedient means being willing to make right choices. When you are obedient, you are blessed. Can you remember a time when you were blessed because you obeyed a commandment, a law, or your parents? President Howard W. Hunter knew that it was important to obey his parents. He also learned that it is important to obey…
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