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Joshua 1

My kids are always silly on Mondays. I don’t know what does it to them, but most of the time Mondays are just a little sillier than usual. I’ve learned to just accept this and embrace the silly. It helps that I do find them genuinely funny, and so I don’t have to stretch too hard to enjoy their silliness, but I do try to keep them close enough to…
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Agency Is the Gift to Choose for Ourselves

Primary Talks

Do you know what you want to do tomorrow? What about next week? Or next year? The gift of making choices about what we will do is called agency. Heavenly Father lets us make choices. Our choices can help us or hurt us. When we use our agency to be obedient, Heavenly Father will bless us. When we are disobedient, we must face the consequences. The prophet Joshua told the…
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