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Being Dependable by Laurel C

Laurel C shared the following : “I made these handouts for this week and last week’s lessons (lesson 40, Loving ourselves and others and 41 Being dependable) I took these pictures myself, so there is no copyright issues. Thanks so much for your website.” The images have the quotes “Let us not be nearly dependable but always dependable” and “Loving yourself is being able to look past the flaws and…
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Come Follow Me Resources: Why is it important for me to gain an education and develop skills?

I have not been consistent in the past few months of creating Come, Follow Me handouts, but I’m changing that (and next year: watch out!). The topic of self-reliance seems sort of out of place with such BIG doctrinal topics, but as I’ve studied it more…

Patriarchal Blessing Scripture Template

I love the idea of having your patriarchal blessing formatted to match the scriptures. I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile ago, but all the links I found were broken, so I decided to create a template of my own. It only took a few minutes for me, so I…

Scriptural Women of Value Posters | Free Download


I love the countless examples of women in the scriptures. Many claim that there aren’t enough women in the scriptures, and while their claims are certainly valid, I see so much depth in the few portraits of women we have the privilege of finding in our scriptures.

Quite a few have seen my series of value posters with Disney Princesses, and several people have mentioned that they would love to see value posters pulling role models from the scriptures. The idea excited me, as it was in fact directly correlated with a project I’ve been working on for the past several months, and so I focused my personal study on seeking out the righteous examples we’ve been given in scripture and finding the values they emulate.


As a disclaimer in advance, I do not own the copyright to any of the paintings used. These posters are only for non-commercial home and church use. I make no profit whatsoever from these posters. I did my best to search the copyright of the individual paintings to see that I would be able to use these images for this small, non-profit project. That being said, I found each one of these paintings to beautifully reflect the divine spirits depicted in the scriptures of each of these women.


Each poster is available as a JPG file, and the set can be downloaded as PDFs. They are only intended to be printed 8.5 x 11, or smaller.



Image copyright belongs to the following:

“Abish,” by James H. Fullmer

“Emma Hale Smith,” Copyright by Julie Rogers Art

“Rebekah at the Well,” by Michael Deas

“I Arose A Mother In Israel,” {Deborah} Copyright by Elspeth Young. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of Al Young Studios.

“The Joy Of Our Redemption,” {Eve} Copyright by Al Young. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of Al Young Studios.

“Queen Esther”, by Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert

“Ruth in the Fields,” by Merle Hugues

“She Shall Bring Forth a Son,” by Liz Lemon Swindle


If the copyright holder of any of these images requests I no longer use their image, please notify me at [email protected].

Young Women Value Posters

I recently saw a post on By Common Consent where a Church member had created some alternate Young Women posters with quotes from a variety of different female leaders.  I liked the idea — a lot — and I appreciated her thoughts on the cute-ifying of YW activities. However, I was disappointed that of the 16 posters, only 5 had quotes from LDS women.  I’m sometimes annoyed when we behave…
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Speed-Friending & Clothes Swap – Multi-Ward Yw Activity

Downloaded from: http://ldsywideasandactivities.blogspot.com/2013/10/speed-friending-clothes-swap-multi-ward.html This week we had a super fun activity with the Young Women from another ward that shares our building. We wanted to promote friendship between the two wards’ YW. This is what we came up with: Earlier this year, our former Relief Society Enrichment Leader (now my 1st Counselor) ran an Enrichment Night activity that was called “Speed-friending.” I was sick that night, so I didn’t attend…
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Personal Progress Spotlight- Individual Worth

Downloaded from: http://ldsywideasandactivities.blogspot.com/2013/03/personal-progress-spotlight-individual.html Once a month (the first Wednesday of every month) our ward YW secretary, Sister McGrath, does a Personal Progress Spotlight for the first 1/2 hour of Mutual. This has been one of the many tools she has used to start sparking interest in Personal Progress among the girls (see the posts under the  Personal Progress label on the right side of this page for more of her…
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Pre-Dating Boot Camp

Downloaded from: http://ldsywideasandactivities.blogspot.com/2013/03/pre-dating-boot-camp.html   GUYS AND GIRLS – A GUIDE FOR PRE-DATERSThere is a big transition in the relationship between girls and boys during the years they are in Young Women. Some girls (and most boys) are still in the “cooties and hair-pulling” phase when they turn 12, but they must learn to start to relate to each other as equals during their Beehive/Deacon years. By the time they are…
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Personal Progress Values Classroom Banners – temple style

Our personal progress classroom temple banners fit on four pages or less. I created them to be used at New beginnings or when you are focusing on a particular value during the month; however, you’ll find lots of uses for them at camp and other activities, I’m sure. Simply print out the pages, align the overlap, and tape for a beautiful classroom poster! Enjoy! Sample image:

We are moving to http://NoBoringLessons.com/ where you can find Come Follow Me Lesson ideas for the new 2019 curriculum Dismiss