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Worthy Thoughts Activities

1. Write situations like the following on slips of paper. Give one to each class. Have them discuss it, then role-play the situation and a possible solution for the whole group: (a) You are at your friend’s house and he or she wants to watch a video your parents do not approve of. What should you do? (b) You are watching a TV show and realize that it is very…
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Following the shepherd keeps me safe

Object Lesson

Study (in advance) John 10:1–18. Tell the children to sit anywhere in the Primary room. Explain that the room is like a sheepfold and their teacher is their “shepherd.” If they will listen and follow their shepherd’s voice, they will learn a lot this year. Have each shepherd call out his/her class by each child’s name. Then have the children follow their shepherd along a path of “danger spots,” such…
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