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How they do it: Young Women Newsletter Ideas

Young Women Newsletter

Young Women secretaries commonly wonder how others may be handling Young Women newsletters.  Making a newsletter is not required, but it can be a useful tool for leaders to keep in touch with parents. Young Women Newsletter Ideas Lauren says: “This is our latest newsletter- I use the same layout each month to highlight activities, bdays, and Personal Progress achievements/challenges. We just send them by email to the parents“ Jacinda…
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I Know My Savior Lives Because…. Bulletin Board

This is the bulletin board in the Primary room of a building I visited this week. It has the Primary theme with the word because and pictures of the Savior along with slips of paper where each child has written how he or she knows the Savior lives. The picture isn’t great because I took it with my cell phone, but you can make out the theme okay. I love…
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Garrisonville Ward Young Women Newsletter

I was astonished when I walked past a church bulletin board and saw this newsletter. So I stole one to show you … :) This newsletter was printed front and back, and the part you see on top in the image was the outside. The paper was folded in half the short way to make a little booklet with the calendar (shown on bottom) in the inside. This newsletter has…
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Sample Ward Calendar

This is a color-coded ward calendar for you to take a peek at. Youth/Primary activities are in red, Relief Society meetings are in blue, Priesthood is green, and ward level activities are in yellow boxes to help members find the activities that apply to them. Family weekend refers to the stake’s efforts to simplify the calendar by designating a “family weekend” each month during which no outside activities are scheduled.

Reminding Children to Bring Scriptures

I visited another unit this weekend, and saw this poster on the Primary bulletin board. The stickers read “I brought my scriptures to Primary”, and you can see that one poster has been completely filled up and the other is already pretty full. I assume that children are given the stickers (which are just regular old standard Avery Printer Labels) to paste on the poster when they remember their scriptures….
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RS bulletin board mockup

I created this scale version of our Relief Society bulletin board for last year. It had 11×17 inch sheets printed with the picture and information you see on the mockup, mounted on blue paper (not shown), along with the text you see. At the bottom were two folders to hold extra handouts. The background was yellow bulletin board paper to keep with the blue and gold RS theme. We had…
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Sample RS Calendar

I am providing this sample of a calendar I created using Adobe Illustrator to show what our ward does for the monthly Relief Society calendar. It is based on Karen Anderson’s design when she was our ward RS secretary. The gray boxes are my thing — I think it’s a good idea to use the gray background to emphasize the most important activities. You should use at least 25% black…
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Rock Hill Ward Relief Society Newsletter

Here’s another newsletter sample from the Rock Hill Ward. It shows how this secretary made use of arrows and boxes to fill in information that wouldn’t fit in the date’s box while keeping the calendar legible. Includes lots and lots of information relating to Relief Society, including VT message instructions, a sister spotlight, good news minutes, sex addict spouse support information, activities, cannery information, food storage, and birthdays.

Bonneville 5th Ward RS Newsletter

When I travel to another ward, I’m always looking for great ideas. Occasionally I will steal (or ask for) a copy of their ward newsletter or other publication for the website. In this case, a RS president visiting our ward gave me a copy of her Relief Society newsletter. I’m posting them here to provide ideas for other members, too. Here is a scan of an August 2008 Relief Society…
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