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The Forces that Will Save Us by James E Faust (Power Point)

Twila S. submitted this awesome Power Point presentation that uses MormonAds to teach Elder Faust’s January 2007 Home Teaching Message. It could be used to give the home teaching message. Click on Power Point below to see all the power point presentations on JennySmith.net. If you’d like to edit this document and you don’t have MS Power Point, you may follow the link below to Open Office to download that…
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Christmas Star Poem

This poem can be used with a star-shaped ornament, cookies, or any other star gift for the hoidays. Christmas Star A diamond shines no brighter than that lovely Christmas star. It shines in all its brilliance; it’s seen from near or far. A symbol of the Christ child as He lay upon the hay, It tells to all the waiting world a King was born that day. O Bethlehem Star…
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Come Let Us Adore Him: Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar first appeared in the December 1989 New Era. I have resurrected it, so to speak, and created a new document that could be used by Home/Visit Teachers, families, youth leaders, Priesthood, Relief Society or Seminary instructors. This is a very cool calendar. It doesn’t have the little doors that we often associate with advent calendars. Instead, each day you read a short devotional about the life of…
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Serve the biggest scoop

Object Lesson

Give A lesson on service.The teacher used ice cream scoops to teach an object lesson. He had two sizes of ice cream scoops and asked “If I were serving up some ice cream, which scoop would you want me to use?” Of course, everyone wanted the big scoop. He then explained that when we serve others, we are offering service to Christ and expressing our love and commitment to him….
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