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Young Women – universal 1/2 sheet card

This card template was made using my LDS Digital Scrapbooking elements. This makes two cards per 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. It has a ribbon with the flower elements and the word “Young Women” in the bottom right quadrant in “Scriptina” font. There is plenty of space on this card to type in the title of your event, and it’s generic enough to use for birthday cards, invitations,…
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General Conference and Seminary Review

Wasn’t general conference great this weekend? Best in a long while for me. I really enjoyed all the talks. I tried to help get #ldsconf to trend again this year, but some of our main DC Mormon tweeters were out of commission for various reasons. Basically, it was just me MormonShare and Lady Ozma. Couldn’t do it this year. I feel pretty confident it was all the football related tweets…
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