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Glow in the Dark Seminary Game

By Janet Fullenwider Warren Janet Fullenwider Warren : #Halloween we did this last year and kids want to do it again this year, which is kind of weird since I couldn’t get the seminary bldg dark enough to make the glow in the dark stuff to show up . I never know what’s going to stick with teenagers :-) 2 (37 minutes ago) Janet Fullenwider Warren : I didn’t make…
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Halloween Scripture Mastery

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) This was a super fun activity, needed more time, but well worth doing for sure. Fellow seminary teachers were sharing scripture mastery tombstone activities, so I tried it this year. I printed off the tombstones, taped to black paper, used glow in the dark paint to number each one, then hid them around the gym. using flashlights, they wandered around until they spotted a tombstone some…
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Scripture Mastery Halloween Ideas

By Julie Fuqua Wells Julie Fuqua Wells: We scheduled a flex day for Friday (Halloween) We plan to review and work on Scripture Mastery with maybe a game. We want to have a little Halloween fun with out being irreverent. Any ideas? (32 minutes ago) Laralee Trentman: My kids continually ask for Ninja Scripture Mastery. I’ll bring a couple of lamps with black lights in them. I found glow-in-dark stickers…
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Missionary Monster Match Up

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/10/missionary-monster-match-up.html doors (my family says they need doorknobs…) THE OVERALL IDEA:The kids are Missionaries “knocking” on doors. (It’s a match game on the board with cute Halloween monsters behind the doors.) HOW-TO:1. Invite a pair of “Missionaries” to “knock” on doors. While they “knock” and try to make a match, sing a missionary song so everyone can help them find an Investigator. Keep “knocking” and singing until the…
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Downloaded from: http://ohwhatdoyoudoforsingingtime.blogspot.com/2013/10/halloween.html “Boo-ling” For this activity, you will need bowling pins (I picked mine up at Target), paper ghosts, and a small ball or pumpkin. Write song titles on the back of the ghosts and tape them to the bowling pins.  Set the pins up and have a child roll the ball toward them.  If the child knocks down one pin, that’s the song you sing.  If a few pins…
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Pick A Pumpkin From The Patch

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/09/pick-pumpkin-from-patch.html image sourceVERSION 1 – PLAIN OL’ PUMPKINS:*For singing lots of songs, to review or whatnot. Tape up paper pumpkins* and call it a pumpkin patch. Choose a child to pick a pumpkin from the patch. The pumpkin has a song to sing on the back. *or, tape song names on real pumpkins. Or those cute baby pumpkins.VERSION 2 – JACK-O-LANTERNS:*For singing the same song over and over…
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