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Good Health Habits Cards by Tierra G.

Tierra says, “I am the YW secretary at my ward and sometimes I sub for a lesson if a leader is gone that Sunday. The girls in my ward really love little handouts (so do the leaders). Some of the girls put them in their scriptures, others post them in their locker at school where friends see them. “I made these little cards for the girls and on the back…
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Book of Mormon Reading Chart & Goal Setting Chart

One thing I love almost as much as the Book of Mormon itself are creative reading charts. There are SO MANY out there, and there’s just something about an empty chart that entices me to get reading. I literally have an entire Pinterest board devoted to reading charts.


My stake is challenging all of its members to read the Book of Mormon by July 1st, and I must say that I’ve fallen far behind. So I decided to get my creative energy flowing and come up with a reading chart, and I must say I’m pretty proud of the result.


I tried a bunch of different styles, but ultimately decided to make a target-style chart, with a ring for each book. As I was making it, I really liked the idea of a target, because not only is reading the Book of Mormon an important goal to aim for, it also helps us achieve our other goals and keeps us centered on Christ.


I also went back and updated the Book of Mormon goal-setting chart I made a year ago after realizing that it was actually pretty hard to read, and not very cohesive with most of the designs of this website.


You can download PDFs of both charts in either black and white or color.

And as a bonus I made a little handout saying “Don’t Miss the Mark—Read the Book of Mormon” to tie with the idea of aiming at a target, which can hopefully help motivate young women who are working on reading the Book of Mormon.


Download Reading Chart in Color

Download Reading Chart in Black and White

Download Goal Setting Chart in Color

Download Goal Setting Chart in Black and White

Download “Don’t Miss the Mark” Handout

Wellness Wheel

This handout was submitted by Kristy T. She says: “I created this as a handout a while back for an RS lesson. The way it works is for each of the 4 wellness categories (body, mind, heart, and spirit) you pick aspects of your life that are important to you; so for body it might be sleep, exercise, nutrition. Then you rank yourself on how well you’re doing for each…
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