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How to Play Froggy Murder

how to play froggy murder

My cousin taught me how to play Froggy Murder at a family reunion.  Froggy Murder doesn’t take any set up, and it’s a fun activity you can use to fill up time at the end of a Wednesday evening or camp activity.  All ages can play the game, and it’s lots of fun to see how dramatically people act out when they’re dead. Variation of: Wink Murder Safer form of:…
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Get to know you Activity

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller) We have 6 new students, so we needed a get to know you activity: I put out various objects and told them to each pick one. After they chose one, I had them come up with how that object was like them. I believe, like art, an object can “speak” to you. So choosing an object, they had to have some connection to it, why else…
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Get to Know You – LDS Bingo

Here are a TON of bingo cards you can use for any activity as a get to know you style game. This bingo game is called “Find Someone Who…”. Each player receives a bingo card and a pencil. They go throughout the group finding people who meet the criteria in each space. Write the name of the person in the box. You can play until someone gets bingo (five in…
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