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General Conference FHE idea

HI, this if from the Friend Magazine I am using it cropped with just the prophet.  I then will print a bubble like he’s speaking.  We use this for FHE.  It is our Prophet Monson says night.  I will then pull statements he made throughout conf. especially ones our family needs to work on.  I then print them out and put them in the bubble.  We will talk about them…
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Ken Alford on Tardiness

This information was originally published at http://kenalford.com/semlist/2002/02jan13.htm and sent out as part of Ken Alford’s email list to Seminary teachers.   It’s helpful for teachers who may be struggling with tardiness in the classroom: Punctuality always seems to be a challenge in the church, but it is especially so when you add teenagers and early mornings to the equation. I feel punctuality is an important trait to possess, and it’s a personal…
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How to Make 2016 Girls Camp or Youth Conference T-Shirts (or pretty much anything else)

Read below to find out how to make your own 2016 Girls Camp or Youth Conference T-Shirts (or pretty much anything else)! Last year I offered low-priced custom t-shirts for youth conference and girls camp, however, many international customers could not get shirts because the cost of shipping anything over 4 lbs internationally is very expensive.  I tried to find a solution, and I came up with this iron-on idea. …
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