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Loving Others Bears Coloring Sheets

Hi Jenny, Here is a handout I just made for… Primary 1, Lesson 34: I Can Love Others Description:  A coloring page of two teddy bears hugging to demonstrate loving others. Also included at the bottom of the page is quick a note to parents including ideas for activities (adapted directly from the lesson manual) to do at home and/or FHE.   These ideas include scripture stories, primary songs, and fun games.  They’re great activities to do…
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Raised from the dead: A story of faith, by Mrs. Leon F. Liddell

This story, titled “The Open Grave – A story of faith” was published in the Church News on 16 May 1948. Accompanying the article written by Mrs. Leon F. Liddell was a photograph of the Eti Teo family posed with … Continue reading

Experience with President Harold B. Lee

The following is an excerpt from Elder Nelson’s autobiography. He relates an experience where he saw President Harold B. Lee following his passing. I learned about his (President Harold B. Lee) passing while I was home playing games with the … Continue reading

Matthew 26: Stay Out of Caiphas’ Palace

Downloaded from: http://ldsseminary.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/matthew-26-stay-out-of-caiphas-palace/ Matthew 26:31-35 tell of the interchange between Jesus and Peter where the Savior tells Peter that he will deny him three times before the cock crows in the morning. Peter’s response is quite telling. He says, “Though I should die … Continue reading →

Friends Rub off on You

Object Lesson

Before class print out the word FRIENDS in large bubble letters, about two inches high. During class, give each child a sheet of paper with FRIENDS printed on it and a pencil. Tell them to use the pencil to color in all the letters completely and very dark with the pencil. This may take a few minutes. After they are finished, you will have them rub their fingers over the…
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