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Homemade Father’S Day Gift Ideas

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/06/homemade-fathers-day-gift-ideas/ Just wanted to repost these fun homemade Father’s Day gifts we love.  Enjoy!! Are you ready for Father’s Day on Sunday?  Here are some of my favorite ideas that are popping around the internet for Read more here

10 Links To Mother’S Day Gifts Older Kids Can Make

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/04/links-to-mothers-day-gifts-older-kids-can-make/ There are so many ideas out there for things that kids can do for their Mother’s on Mother’s Day to show her how much you love her.  I have collected a few that some older children can do that are simple Read more here… Read the rest

Family History Game

Downloaded from: http://www.continuallycreative.com/2013/03/family-history-game/ This is a game that teaches the basics of how and where to find records for family history. Of course, this is only a sampling, but it gives the idea. This game works well for a large or small activity.  Read more here… Read the rest

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