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From Susan: Hello fellow Leaders :) I have attached a few documents which I designed for this game. First, there is a document called “FOR THE STRENGTH OF YOUTH GAME by Susan van Scheltema”. This is the actual game that I made and can be played as is with your own fun way of scoring, or to fit with any theme for an event or activity. Its quite versatile as a stand alone…
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For the Strength of Youth Road Rally

Shared by Jeanette W. For the Strength of Youth Road Rally Joint Activity (All Young Women or Young Women and Young Men) YOU WILL NEED: 1) A lot of leaders Enough leaders to drive all the kids – all kids need seatbelts, youth can not drive each other One leader (or two youth leaders) to stay at each location and give handouts to the groups.  (You will need six leaders if…
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Doers of the Word To Do List

I used this To Do List with the idea from the Seminary Lesson manual when teaching about the doers of the word.  After reading James 1:22-25, students were given several minutes to look over James 1-5 and to write down ways they can be doers of the word. The quote is from For the Strength of Youth (2012 version).

Be strong and of a Good Courage T-shirt – OFFICIAL LOGO

I’ve taken the t-shirt logo sheet from youth.lds.org, and turned it into a TRIPLE, and put it here for you to download. This format will help you make 3 t-shirts per sheet, instead of wasting paper printing just one per sheet. Yeah, I’m awesome like that. The image is available as a jpeg as well. Just click “Be strong” below. The image is copyright 2010 Intellectual Reserve. Free to print…
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2010 LDS Mutual Theme Information ~UPDATED~

You can get help on both YM and YW mutual activity planning at LDS.org’s Serving in the Church section. Following is a list of LDS Mutual Themes, most recently announced theme first: 2010 Mutual Theme: Be strong and of a good courage Posted August 27, 2009 — first on the web! Visit MormonShare.com frequently for theme updates and more! The 2010 LDS Mutual theme is “Be strong and of a…
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