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Preparedness Documents in Spanish and English

Lorraine H shared a number of preparedness documents with me that are in both English and Spanish.  There’s a list of items to keep in an emergency binder and some cards to include with dry milk.  There’s also an emergency list for students. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS BINDER *KEEP ORIGINALS IN A PLACE OTHER THAN IN THE HOME LIKE A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX GIVE COPIES OF THESE DOCUMENTS TO A FAMILY MEMBER…
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Preparedness Survey

This survey is a real eye-opener! Makes a great handout at a meeting to encourage preparedness, especially at a fifth Sunday lesson. Available in Italian Preparedness Survey Debt (1) Are you debt-free? Y N (If “yes”, skip to section “Food Storage”.) (2) Please complete questions indicating what type of debt you have; a) home mortgage Y N b) car Y N c) credit card Y N d) recreational vehicle(s) Y…
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Jenny’s 1500/2000/2500 Calorie 72 hour Kit Menus

I’ve grown increasingly concerned about the menus frequently created at Enrichment meetings for 72 hour kits consisting of oatmeal, chewing gum, and beef sticks. Read my rant. These low calorie menus fail to meet the dietary needs of individuals in a crisis. I created these menus to meet caloric, protein, and carbohydrate needs for adults and children, male and female, while keeping sodium to a minimum. I’ve included a price…
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cRaZy Huge list of Food Storage Recipes

My friend Jillyne K. gave me this selection of files. A former Stake Preparedness Specialist, Jillyne is a local celebrity famous for expertise in food storage, rotation, and use. She has amassed a huge collection of food storage recipes. Among the favorites are her very best bread recipes, Mrs. Field’s cookie recipe, fudgescicles using food storage pudding, homemade cleaning products, and many many more. These files would make great handouts…
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In Pursuit of Preparedness

The “In Pursuit of Preparedness” program was created by the Country Crossing 8th Ward to help their members set goals and assemble items necessary for survival during the year. It lists each month with a list of goals for that month, along with some brief storage tips. During the year, the Preparedness Specialist would handout more detailed information on the monthly goals to help families stay focused on acquiring or…
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Basic Food Storage Recipe Book

I found this awesome document online back in January 2006. It’s a list of seventy food storage recipes that ONLY use the items included in the church’s one month basic supply kit. That means the only ingredients needed to make all of these 70 items are wheat, flour, fat (oil or shortening), sugar, powdered milk, macaroni, quick oats, pinto beans, and salt. It has everything from how to make your…
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LDS Emergency Preparedness Manual

This document is one I found online. It was originally created by the Magna Utah Stake in 1997 and contains a variety of useful preparedness information. Among the more interesting items are a list of individual, ward, stake, and district responsiblities in an emergency. It also has a map with a possible use of a standard church building in an emergency. It’s targeted at the Magna Stake, but much of…
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