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Follow the Prophet

I try to Follow the Prophet. He is such an easy man to love. 

We all try to Follow the Prophet. And it is so great that our church does a conference twice a year where we can hear directly from the apostles and prophets. I loved hearing the words of the prophets at General Conference.

My favorite last conference was “Stay By the Tree” and this time was the “Ponderings” and hearing from Bednar, Holland and especially the new apostles. One of them, Elder Rasband,  was from our stake and he had recently moved away. I looked up some of his writings and this one really spoke to me recently. On Conference Sunday October 4th, 2015 I wrote this on my facebook page.

It’s been 10 years today that we lost Danny Moss in a car accident when he was a senior in high school. It was just days after a conference weekend and I remember him putting a golf ball in the living room while listening to conference with me on a Sunday morning. I’ve been reading some of the talks by Elder Rasband and this quote is a good one for me to ponder on.

“You can at the end of the day give an accounting to the Lord that has little to do with what happened and much to do with how you were sustained by the power of God. I have felt that influence in my home, in my assignments, and in the lives of my wife, children, and grandchildren. It is a sweet peace to know the Lord is with you and that you are His and that when His hand reaches out to you the grip is familiar and the message is clear: “Come unto me”

I love this picture of Danny and John at Yellowstone at a scout campout when he was around 15. 

He spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began (Luke 1:70).
I’m so grateful for General Conference and the feelings and inspirations I receive as I ponder the words of the prophets and apostles. I think certain talks are sent right for me to hear, don’t you? 

I took this picture last month when I was down at temple square to see my friend get sealed to her forever family. She had been waiting many years for her husband to join the church. Her kids are in their 20s. She has been a great example of faith and hope to me. 

A really good article in an old FRIEND Magazine that could be used for a sharing time or a singing time on following the prophet is HERE. There are lots of ideas for using the stories of Moses or stories in the Book of Mormon for teaching children how prophets listened to the Lord and obeyed even when it was hard. And how we can do the same by listening to modern day prophets. 

My daughter’s Baby Emma Lee. Isn’t she so cute? She smiles at me a lot. 

 I have felt so blessed and lucky lately. I have 2 new grandbabies that were born a month of each other. I got to attend 2 baby blessings to see their fathers bless them in church. Life is good.

My son’s baby Alexa Jane. I love this picture of 3 generations. 

What a great 4 generation picture here. I’m so glad I snapped this picture with Grandpa and Great Grandpa! 
Baby blessing day was a wonderful family day spent in Chicago. I’m so glad families are forever.

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The Nephite Cycle of Righteous and Wickedness poster

This poster is from the Book of Mormon Institute manual. I have enlarged the graphic and important text to make it possible to use the image as a visual aid during class. http://institute.lds.org/content/languages/english/Institute%20of%20Reli… (Page 414) Copyright 2011, Intellectual Reserve. Used by permission.

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