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The Lord’s Path

The Lord’s PathA WRONG TURNOne day a friend and I were on a long road trip heading from Wisconsin to Utah. My friend was driving and I was reading a book out loud to help pass the time when something outside caught my eye. “Did that sign just say, ‘Welcome to Missouri’?” I asked dubiously. Sure enough, we were in Missouri. In case you were wondering, Missouri is not on…
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Service Scavenger Hunt

M’Shelle D. shared this document that her Activity Day girls used when having a service scavenger hunt. Fun! Would make a cute YW or Mutual activity, too. 1 per page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white. ——- We are Activity Days Girls on a Service Scavenger Hunt If you have time, please allow us to provide one of the following services for you: 1. Empty the garbage & take…
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Welcome to Scouts

M’Shelle D. has shared a number of files she created for use in her Cub Scout Wolf Den. This one is a Welcome to Scouts letter that she says is, “A training sheet of information every new wolf scout should know. Take this with you to train new scouts and his parents.” Thanks! 1 per page, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.

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