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Super Fast and Easy Family Home Evening Lesson Book Craft

A million years ago in Riverton, Utah, Kelly P. taught a class on how to make and assemble the Super Fast and Easy Family Home Evening Lesson Book Craft during an Enrichment Meeting I attended. She based her craft on a book she had used for years with her boys. It contains 30 ready-made FHE lessons with objects–perfect for those busy days when planning a family night lesson seems like…
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Visiting Teaching Reminder Magnets

Anna R. shared this cute document saying: “Please use this, if you’d like. It’s a visiting teaching reminder, 2 sided-magnet fridge magnet. It is designed to stay on your fridge all month, (sort of like a ‘These dishes are dirty/clean’ magnet for the dishwasher.) One side says ‘Do it…’, and the other side says ‘Done!’ The left column on the page is the ‘Do it…’ side of the magnet, and…
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Encouraging Attendance at Home, Family and Personal Enrichment with Great Class Titles

“Delectable Danish” How does that title capture your attention or interest? This class could be all about making Danishes, delicate breads, braided cheese breads and other delicious delicacies that your average person doesn’t know how to make. Even though this is an interesting topic and a wonderful art to learn, the title caught your eye. Now if I was to call this class “Basic Pastry dough’s and desserts”, of course…
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