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Custom Relief Society Napkins – easy

One ward made super cute napkins for a Relief Society Meeting celebrating the birthday of Relief Society. Using pinking shears, they cut out squares of white fabric, and with a marking pen, wrote the words on the fabric. I think you could do this same thing with the Relief Society seal image. I would put the RS seal 25 or so times in a document in my word processor. Then…
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Combined Laurel / Relief Society Transition Poster

This sounded like a really well-thought out Relief Society Activity. The poster describes a special evening meeting with the theme “Serving in the Family”. Items of note or topics for discussion include meeting the Relief Society President, fulfilling your family’s spiritual needs, motivation to do chores and homework and helping older family members, and serving grown children or grandchildren. This seems like it would be a great way for women…
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RS bulletin board mockup

I created this scale version of our Relief Society bulletin board for last year. It had 11×17 inch sheets printed with the picture and information you see on the mockup, mounted on blue paper (not shown), along with the text you see. At the bottom were two folders to hold extra handouts. The background was yellow bulletin board paper to keep with the blue and gold RS theme. We had…
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Relief Society Seal – Paper Napkin Rings

Doll up your Relief Society party with these cute napkin rings! They have the Relief Society logo printed on them for you! For easier wrapping, print the napkin rings on regular paper. Using a paper cutter (or ruler and X-acto knife), cut out the napkin rings along the gray lines. To wrap, place the napkin ring on your silverware (wrapped in a napkin) with the logo facing up. Starting at…
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