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Preparedness Documents in Spanish and English

Lorraine H shared a number of preparedness documents with me that are in both English and Spanish.  There’s a list of items to keep in an emergency binder and some cards to include with dry milk.  There’s also an emergency list for students. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS BINDER *KEEP ORIGINALS IN A PLACE OTHER THAN IN THE HOME LIKE A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX GIVE COPIES OF THESE DOCUMENTS TO A FAMILY MEMBER…
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72 hour kit information updated

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I received an email from a viewer the other day pointing out that there were some bad links on my Emergency Preparedness page on 72-hour kits over at MormonShare.com.  I wrote that article what seems like a hundred years ago and haven’t thought about it in ages.  It was good to get some feedback and […]

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72 Hour Emergency Supply Kits

From a post that no longer exists, but is archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/20140814220547/http://www-suares.stanford.edu/72hour-kit.html From: [email protected] (Dorothy Heydt) Newsgroups: ca.earthquakes Subject: 72 Hour Emergency Supply Kits (**LONG**) Date: 6 Nov 89 18:39:20 GMT Organization: University of California, Berkeley Lines: 713 I have just been taught how to post. Here is the information that I have put together from a number or sources on the preparation of 72 hour kits. It is very…
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