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Giving Activities

1. Talk to the children about giving gifts of time, love, and service to others. Divide into classes. Roll out large sheets of butcher paper, newspaper roll ends, or freezer paper. With a large, blunt crayon, trace around each child to create a full body silhouette. Let each child cut out his own silhouette and then draw in his own face. On the back of each silhouette, glue a small…
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Jesus Christ went about doing good

Primary Talks

This weeks’ Primary theme is Jesus went about doing good. Our former prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckely, talked about a missionary who followed Jesus and “went about doing good”: It was said by the Apostle Peter long ago that Jesus went about doing good. As His ambassadors, missionaries in our generation have gone and continue to go throughout the world doing good in the true spirit of the Master. Let…
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