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Dispensation of the Fullness of Times

By Shauna Doctrine and Covenants Section 27 This idea came from a member of the LDS Seminary Teacher Facebook group (seriously, if you are a Seminary Teacher-join that Facebook group). When I figure out who it was, I will edit and post his name so he receives credit for this brilliant visual for teaching “Dispensations” and “Dispensation of the Fullness of Times” using hymn books. I took it one step…
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Using hymn books as a visual when teaching dispensations

By Shauna Hostetler Shauna Hostetler : Thank you, Mark McCune for the idea of using hymn books as a visual when teaching dispensations and the dispensation of the fullness of times. #DandC27 #DandC29 It was so effective! Here are some photos: seminaryatsixam.blogspot.com/2014/10/dispensation-of-fullness-of-times.html 10 (1 hour ago) Janice N Peter Herbert : Thanks for the visual …you did awe awesome ! (1 hour ago) Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

Dispensation Heads

By Janet Fullenwider Warren Janet Fullenwider Warren : According to L. Tom Perry “Accept the challenge” Ensign, Aug 2002, the heads of the dispensations are: Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ (Dispensation of the Meridian of TIme) and Joseph Smith (Dispensation of the Fullness of Times). It was really hard to find something definitive. Doesn’t mean there weren’t more prophets during these dispensations, but these are the heads of…
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LDS Dispensations Handout

This LDS dispensations handout is based on the super cool walkthrough at http://gospeldoctrineplus.blogspot.com/2010/01/as-memory-aid-for-chronol… .  Sister Jensen’s image and idea make it easy to visualize the major gospel dispensations.   I changed some of the dates and a few other typographical errors.  I also added the definition of a dispensation from the Encyclopedia of Mormonism. What is a dispensation? “Dispensations” are … time periods in which the Lord placed on the earth…
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