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Daddy/Daughter “Tee”

Shared by Kristine H This was an idea I borrowed from another AC chair in Lewiston, Idaho – thanks Judy C.! This would work for a YW, Activity Day Girls or other Daddy/Daughter event. For this activity, we created a miniature golf course at the ward.  9 teams of dads/daughters created holes from household items that were easy enough for anyone to play (18 months and older).  Each hole was in different rooms at the church.  All family teams were…
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Activity Days: In His Footsteps Tread Luau + Sock Hop

Mother-Daughter Luau + Daddy-Daughter Sock Hop This Activity Day group has had a plan for the year – to focus on feet.  “Then In His Footsteps Tread” kind of feet, that is.  This was their overall theme and they created two activities to focus on this same theme. This is a long post because it’s […]

Activity Days: Daddy-Daughter Western Recognition Night

“We hope this will be the first of many dates that you do with your dads.”  That was how this leader ended her message at the beginning of this Daddy Daughter Recognition Activity.  What a great message to leave these fathers – spend more time with your daughters.  Build a relationship with them.  Show them […]Activity Days: Daddy-Daughter Western Recognition Night

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