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How to Play Froggy Murder

how to play froggy murder

My cousin taught me how to play Froggy Murder at a family reunion.  Froggy Murder doesn’t take any set up, and it’s a fun activity you can use to fill up time at the end of a Wednesday evening or camp activity.  All ages can play the game, and it’s lots of fun to see how dramatically people act out when they’re dead. Variation of: Wink Murder Safer form of:…
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{Cub Scouts} A Peek Into My Cub Scout Binder!

Today I am letting you have a peek into my Cub Scout Binder.

But before I dive into that I just wanted to say a few things about my calling as a Cub Scout Den Leader.

Last June my husband and I received a call from one of the Bishopric members asking if they could meet with us. I already had 2 callings, so I assumed it was for my husband. The day came that we agreed to meet…I was anxious, but like I said, I ‘knew’ this didn’t have to do with me.

As we sat in the room the Bishopric member looked at ME! Then he said, “Sheena, we would like to extend a calling to you.” Seriously!?! Then he said, “We would like to call you as a Wolf Den Leader.” I probably gave him a ‘deer in the headlights’ kind of look. I accepted the calling, but I was not excited at all.

I only have one son, so I thought I would be able to sneak by without receiving a cub scout calling. All summer long I drug my feet and dreaded this calling.
Finally, a few weeks before school started (and cub scouts) we had to drive to Utah for a family baptism. I decided to take my Cub Scout handbooks and read up on what I was supposed to be doing since I had no clue what I was supposed to do. People kept talking about all these meetings and strange words that I had never heard of…Den Meeting…Pack Meeting…Pack Planning…Segments….Belt Loops!

On our way to Utah I read and read and read and planned. All those strange words and meetings were starting to make sense.

I finally felt like I could do this and I was getting excited about my new calling! {Gasp}

It’s been about 6 months since we began Cub Scouts and I have really enjoyed it. I am enjoying being able to help my son with cub scouts and be a part of it. I am enjoying making this cub scout experience fun for the boys and help them get excited about scouts.

There are always going to be ‘those callings’ that we dread and would rather never be asked to do. But I have found as I immerse myself into serving and doing all I can to magnify my calling those callings that are less desirable quickly become some of my most favorite callings.

Have you been called as a Cub Scout Leader and feel the way I did?
Give it a chance. But one thing that will make your calling more enjoyable is to be organized! Don’t wait until the night before your Den Meeting to decide what to do. That will just stress you out and make you dislike your calling even more.

Enough with my chatter…Today I hope someone can find my binder helpful in their calling. Here is my cub scout binder and some other helpful tips.

Here’s my binder. Inside is where I keep track of Attendance, Records, Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, and more.
I am extremely grateful for the folks over at Akela’s Council for all their wonderful ideas and tracking sheets. They are amazing and very useful. If you’ve never been to their site then you definitely need to head on over there.

When I first open my binder I have a Cub Scout Overview from the Cub Scout Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide that the previous leader gave to me.

This is a great resource as it goes over your responsibilities as a leader, Purposes of Cub Scouts, Methods, Awards, and more.

First Section: Attendance
I have several dividers in my Binder for each section. My first divider/section is for Attendance.
This is where I have my attendance sheets for each Cub Scout. I am not sure where to find these exact sheets because these were given to me. I have looked online, but have not been able to find any like this.

But there is an attendance section on the sheets that I use for my record keeping. :)
Every week we take roll. Sometimes I have our denner stand at the front and as I call each boy’s name I have them come to the front and do the Cub Scout handshake with the denner. Other times I have had them make the cub scout sign when I call their name, or say the motto.
This helps them to learn each of these things.
Other times I have them say something {during Halloween I had them make a spooky Halloween noice}.

Second Section: Scout Records

This is where the fabulous Akela’s Council is a big help.
These sheets are amazing! There is a space to keep track of the Achievements that are completed, a place for Electives, Place to keep track of beads that have been earned, Attendance, Notes & Misc. awards that have been earned, Denner section, and Gold/Silver Points that have been earned.

This sheet has it all and I absolutely love it! They even have sheets for the new program coming out this year.

Third Section: Belt Loops & Segments
I have a Segment Pamphlet from our Council that I keep in this section. I look through it often to see what Segments the boys may have passed off during our Den Meetings.

I also use Akela’s Council ‘Acedemic Belt Loop and Pin Record Sheet’ for this section.
It’s nice to have a list of all the Belt Loops available on one sheet. Then I just go online to see the requirements.

Fourth Section: Den Meetings
This Section is where I keep my ‘Wolf Den Meeting Plans’ from the Cub Scout Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide

I also try to keep our schedule in this section as well as a Meeting Tracker Sheet (below).

Here is my Wolf Den Meeting Tracker Sheet
I created this to help me keep track what we did during each Den Meeting. I also keep track of anything we did that can be counted toward a segment or belt loop. Click Below to print out a blank Tracker Sheet.
 Fifth Section: Pack Meetings
This section is for all things to do with Monthly Pack Meeting. 

I attend my monthly Pack Planning Meetings. This section is where I keep all my notes from the meeting.

I also keep my ‘Pack Meeting Plans’ section from the Cub Scout Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide in this section of my Binder.

In the back pocket of my Binder I keep extra Boy Scout Application Forms for any new Cub Scouts that come in. I also have a ‘Welcome to Cub Scouts’ letter that I sometimes keep in there (that will have to wait for another post).
I hope you have found my ‘peek’ into my Cub Scout binder helpful. These wonderful resources that I use help keep me organized (and sane). Are you a Cub Scout Leader? What do you have in your Binder…I would love to hear.
Thanks so much for stopping by. If you like my Binder Cover and would like one of your own just let me know, so I can add the file to my post.
Have a wonderful day!

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