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Manual 2 Lesson 8 – Mint Condition Communication

Joie R. shared this handout saying, “I came up with this when doing lesson #8: Improving communication skills. I thought of making bite sized cupcakes and attaching a note that said ‘Good communication can be a piece of cake’. But, since it was fast Sunday, I decided not to tempt myself or the girls with something so readily edible. I had some red and white mints in wrappers at home…
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Make Your Words Soft and Sweet….

Lindsey E. “Prior to the lesson I created a poster with this saying on it, “Make your words soft and sweet because you may have to eat them.” All of the words were hand-written except for ‘soft’ which was written with mini marshmallows and ‘sweet’ which was written with sugar (you can use sugar cubes). “I attached this hand out to a mini sandwich bag which contained some tiny marshmallows…
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