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Young Women Value Posters

I recently saw a post on By Common Consent where a Church member had created some alternate Young Women posters with quotes from a variety of different female leaders.  I liked the idea — a lot — and I appreciated her thoughts on the cute-ifying of YW activities. However, I was disappointed that of the 16 posters, only 5 had quotes from LDS women.  I’m sometimes annoyed when we behave…
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Universal Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Poster

This is a universal Book of Mormon scripture mastery poster for use in your Seminary classroom.  This poster is different than what I’ve done before in that I am going by scripture mastery passage instead of student.  Each scripture reference is represented by the text of the passage written on the “sealed” portion of a set of plates.  Students will write their name on the blank area of a set…
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Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Flash Cards – CLASSROOM SIZE

Here are some scripture mastery flash cards like the ones I made last year for New Testament.  These Book of Mormon Classroom sized flashcards are formatted to print front to back on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.  These have the updated scripture mastery passages for 2013. If your printer won’t print front to back, print the odd pages, feed the paper back in, and then print the even pages. I…
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Young Women Torch Chalkboard Poster Template

  This is the Young Women Torch located in the bottom right corner of a chalkboard background.  This image is the perfect starting place for your awesome YW poster or invitation This image is free to use or print for noncommercial projects.  The only thing I ask is if you make something with it, you email me a copy at jennysmith.net @ gmail.com.

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