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Manual 1 Lesson 43

Submitted by Stephanie B., this handout was created to accompany YW Manual 1, Lesson 43. She says “changed the font color from black to red and colored in the ‘stitches’ to match. Then, I put smiley face stickers in the center. The cute border is from your website.” The quotes read: “But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt….
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Making Good Choices: Stairways and Superheroes

This great FHE lesson was submitted by Kristy T. She says, “My husband Brent did this for FHE this week and the kids LOVED it, and I felt impressed to share it. So I got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning to put it together.” This lesson uses object lessons and handouts relating to staircases (included) to demonstrate that when we make good decisions, we progress, and when we make…
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Personal Progress Choice and Accountability Value Experience 7 handout

Thanks for a wonderful web site. I have attached a handout that I used to help our girls with PP C&A value experience no. 7. I used it with lesson manual #3 lesson 46 Money Management. It is a 3 month budget for the girls to calculate their estimate monthly income & expenditures as well as log their actual income & expenditures. My girls were very excited to get this…
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Decisions Determine Destiny

Jennifer H. shared this handout and says, “We print a monthly calendar to pass to the young women and to their mothers (passed out in YW and Relief Society). On the back of the calendar we like to add a thought to go along with the Sunday lessons for that month. For this one, I combined ‘The Path You Choose‘ taken from your website (YW Maze created by Artist Chris…
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Choose Your Own Fortune

Jennifer H. shared this handout. She says, “This little handout was used at girl’s camp, where we placed little thoughts on their pillows every morning and night. Each thought came from one of the 7 values. I purchased individually wrapped fortune cookies and found some small compasses from a local party store. I taped them over the pictures of each on the handout, and glued the handout to a background…
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Choice and Accountability Game — Game of “Light”

Monica S submitted this game to teach Young Women about their choices relating to the standards found in For the Strength of Youth. She says: I made a Choice and Accountability game where the girls have to tell how they would react in a real-life situation that has to do with the youth standards from For the Strength of Youth. I think most of the situations are up-to-date and they…
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