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Make a Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box

This Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box makes introducing the 9 seminary doctrines easy.  Just print, cut, fold, tape, and you’re set! The box is perfect for Christmas gifts, Seminary graduation gifts, Freshman orientation, inservice favors, or just because! You’ll need tape or glue dots Hershey Nugget Labels – I print on HP Everyday paper.  It’s a glossy coated inkjet paper that gives superior professional-looking results. Box Template – print on…
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UP2U Gum Tags for Personal Progress & Visiting Teaching

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) I am always on the look-out for new ways to get the YW excited to do Personal Progress. One day while we were at the grocery store I saw a pack of UP2U gum and had an idea for a Personal Progress treat. I created this little handout that you can tape to a pack of UP2U gum to encourage the YW to keep working on…
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Eternal Perspective Candy Wrapper

Trudy says: I started this lesson with by giving the girls dark chocolate, then semi-sweet chocolate, then some really good milk chocolate… we compared the 3 to How Heavenly Fathers perspective was the best (the milk chocolate) (i did get this idea from another site and I don’t have time to find the exact link right … it was either jennysmith.net, or ywconnection.com) (She’s probably talking about this object lesson…
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Life Savers Wrappers: New Beginnings

This cute handout is made to look like a roll of Life Savers Candy. It has the Young Women Theme on the back, with New Beginnings, and 7 Values on the front. The stripes are the values colors and are labelled. Here’s a picture of what they look like completed: The printable has 4 wrappers per page, full color. **** Suggestion: Print these wrappers on _coated_ inkjet paper so that…
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