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UP2U Gum Tags for Personal Progress & Visiting Teaching

By [email protected] (Sheena Perron) I am always on the look-out for new ways to get the YW excited to do Personal Progress. One day while we were at the grocery store I saw a pack of UP2U gum and had an idea for a Personal Progress treat. I created this little handout that you can […]


Families are like jelly beans

This bag label, by Trudy, is a fun handout for lessons on families. Trudy’s instructions say: JELLY BEAN BAG LABEL. Put a small handful of jelly beans into a snack size ziplock bag and print off enough bag labels for the girls in your class. Cut out the labels, fold in half, and staple to […]


LIfe Savers Wrappers: Thank you

This cute handout is made to look like a roll of Life Savers Candy. This has You’re a Life Saver Thank you printed on the front, with a blank white space for signatures. The stripes are the same colors as on a real LifeSavers wrapper. The printable has 4 wrappers per page, full color. **** […]


Chews the Right Gum Wrapper – Valentine Style

This gum wrapper is sized to fit the 5 stick packages of chewing gum (like Juicy Fruit, WinterFresh, DoubleMint, Big Red, et cetera). It says “Happy Valentine’s Day ‘Chews’ The Right” on the front. On the back is a blank for you to fill in “To” and “From”. There are 6 wrappers per 8 1/2 […]


Pudding Your Shoulder to the Wheel

Attach this TrudyTag to a pudding cup with some ribbons or string as a service handout. Has a quote by Franklin D Richards: “As we accept and do our part, the Lord blesses us with wisdom beyond our natural selves.”


Priesthood Power Bar

This is another handout from Trudy, meant to accompany YW Manual 2 Lesson 12: The Blessings of the Priesthood. It is a “Priesthood PowerBar” candy bar wrapper. (Because PowerBars come in those pouch style wrappers, I think this one is meant to be wrapped around a Nestle candy bar. ~Jenny)