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Sharing the light of Testimony

“A candle loses nothing by sharing its light with another.” Hey Jenny! – Love your site!  I use it all the time!  Since I’ve gained a lot from the site, I thought I’d pass on this handout I just made for Lesson 27 in the Young Women manual 2. I created it in Publisher but saved it as a JPG.  The image used was just from the MS clipart gallery…
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Your Light Reflects

Lisa G submitted the following handout idea to go with Manual 1 Lesson 21: A Righteous Example Influences Others. She altered a quote from the lesson slightly: “When you keep the commandments and follow the Savior’s example, it’s like holding up a light. Your good example [reflects] on others and helps them to find their way in a darkening world.” ~Sister Ardeth G. Kapp and glued this quote to the…
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