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Alert! Special Church history dates in 2016

I’m the music chairperson in our unit, and today I started work on the music planning for my ward 2016.   Since I came on, the bishopric has been planning out the year’s sacrament meeting themes during the past few months of the year. This makes it easy for me as music chairperson to work with the choir director, organist, and others to prepare special music during the year.  Each…
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Garrisonville Ward Young Women Newsletter

I was astonished when I walked past a church bulletin board and saw this newsletter. So I stole one to show you … :) This newsletter was printed front and back, and the part you see on top in the image was the outside. The paper was folded in half the short way to make a little booklet with the calendar (shown on bottom) in the inside. This newsletter has…
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Sample Ward Calendar

This is a color-coded ward calendar for you to take a peek at. Youth/Primary activities are in red, Relief Society meetings are in blue, Priesthood is green, and ward level activities are in yellow boxes to help members find the activities that apply to them. Family weekend refers to the stake’s efforts to simplify the calendar by designating a “family weekend” each month during which no outside activities are scheduled.

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