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72 hour kit information updated

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I received an email from a viewer the other day pointing out that there were some bad links on my Emergency Preparedness page on 72-hour kits over at MormonShare.com.  I wrote that article what seems like a hundred years ago and haven’t thought about it in ages.  It was good to get some feedback and […]

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D&C 76 – Weeks 1 and 2

I was really nervous about teaching D&C 76.  There is so much information, and since I only teach weekly, I was pretty confident we would not get to all the material without rushing.  Additionally, because I teach adults it’s extremely difficult for me to judge how much people already know about the harder/deeper doctrines of the gospel, like the degrees of glory. I had the feeling that I should really…
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Why I’m switching from Drupal to WordPress

Despite years of fighting with Drupal to try to speed it up, I’ve just never been able to get things going fast enough.  We tried everything — even paid for a second file server for downloads — to try to handle the load.  Never could do it.  A few months back I decided to switch to WordPress.  Here’s the result: That’s out of the box.  I’m using Vantage theme for…
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What’s new with the website?

I’ve completed the move to WordPress, or at least, I’ve completed it far enough to take the website live, anyway.  I’ll blog another day about why I moved to WordPress from Drupal, but for now, I’m just going to make a quick run-down of the new features of the site. Streamlined Menus I hate to admit it, but LDS.org may have gotten this right.  Less menu options is better on…
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Jenny’s New Testament Reading Chart for Seminary

As you may already know, I used assigned reading for my Seminary class. Here is my lesson schedule/reading chart for Seminary. The scriptures in italics are Scripture Mastery passages we will repeat each day. We will repeat longer passages more times and shorter passages only a few times. I tried to put them about the time we were studying them, but that doesn’t always work. This document is under construction,…
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