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2009 Mutual Theme Bookmark: Be Thou an Example

Royce Bair has shared his image for Be Thou an Example of the Believers. Download it for free here, or go to his website to get it as a 2x or 4x printable http://www.tssphoto.com/firstvision/2009-downloads.html You can print it for free, or order it professionally printed at 21 cents each. You can order this image in poster size, too: http://roycebair.smugmug.com/gallery/6588918_YPhAG#419997318_b3eL9

Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.

Primary Talks

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. (Matt. 22:39.) One morning while the Prophet Joseph Smith was visiting with a group of men in front of his house in Nauvoo, a man came up and reported that the house of a poor brother who lived some distance from town had burned down the night before. All of the men said they felt sorry for the man. But the Prophet put…
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Do my efforts really matter?

Object Lesson

Before recounting this story, hold up a marble and tell the group that it represents Abinadi. Ask the group how many people they think were converted through Abinadi’s efforts. Write their guesses on the blackboard. Then recount for them Abinadi’s short history as recorded in Mosiah 11-17. In summary, Abinadi, in fervent love and obedience to the Lord, boldly testified against wicked King Noah and his priests. Abinadi was ridiculed,…
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