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2010 Mutual Theme OFFICIAL Logo – Be strong and of a good courage

I’ve stripped out the new logo from the youth.lds.org website, made it larger, and put it here for you to download as a JPEG. It’s large enough to fit on a tabloid sheet (11×17 inches) for posters, or you can shrink it down for a high quality image. The image is copyright 2010 Intellectual Reserve. Free to print for home/church use. Used by permission. You may also be interested in…
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Be strong and of a Good Courage T-shirt – OFFICIAL LOGO

I’ve taken the t-shirt logo sheet from youth.lds.org, and turned it into a TRIPLE, and put it here for you to download. This format will help you make 3 t-shirts per sheet, instead of wasting paper printing just one per sheet. Yeah, I’m awesome like that. The image is available as a jpeg as well. Just click “Be strong” below. The image is copyright 2010 Intellectual Reserve. Free to print…
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2010 Monthly Mutual Themes

I wanted to created monthly themes that would help us focus on the YW values as well as the annual mutual theme throughout the year. I also wanted to be able to reinforce the Sunday lessons during mutual. Andrea Walker posted something on sugardoodle.com that similar to what I envisioned. After consulting Manual 2 and the 2010 Resource Guide, and using Andrea’s as a template, this is what my presidency…
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2010 LDS Mutual Theme Information ~UPDATED~

You can get help on both YM and YW mutual activity planning at LDS.org’s Serving in the Church section. Following is a list of LDS Mutual Themes, most recently announced theme first: 2010 Mutual Theme: Be strong and of a good courage Posted August 27, 2009 — first on the web! Visit MormonShare.com frequently for theme updates and more! The 2010 LDS Mutual theme is “Be strong and of a…
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