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Basic Doctrine Assessment Results Calculation Spreadsheet

If you use the Basic Doctrines Assessment on a local level, you will want an easy way to format and process the results. Here is the spreadsheet I used.  Section Two is the most valuable in my opinion. If you’d like to see what the results of this BDA form look like, see my blog entry Results of the Basic Doctrines Assessment. These spreadsheets were created in Libre Office, the…
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Results of the Basic Doctrines Assessment

Well — that was interesting.  We took the Basic Doctrines Assessment and I have compiled the data.  I sent a copy of the results to the YW President, YM President, SS President, and bishop for their reference. You gotta know, the BDA is difficult.  Really difficult.  The font is difficult to read, especially when photocopied, and the *answers* are written to deceive.  Many answers are “possible” but you have to…
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Seminary Basic Doctrines Assessment

I didn’t realize there was a form for assessing student understanding of Seminary lessons until I accidentally found it last year on the Seminary and Institutes website.  I suppose that this file is mostly used by full time Seminary teachers, but I am going to try it in my class tomorrow to see where I can direct my lessons so that students understand the gospel better. Some of the questions…
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